Pharmacy: what to search for safe shopping?

Nowadays, it is possible to buy medicines on the Internet. Virtual pharmacies have many advantages for both sellers and buyers. They save time for the buyer and appear to be very discreet. But when it comes to the quality, safety and efficacy of the medicine ordered online, a few precautions must be taken. Above all, you must seek a guarantee and be very vigilant so as not to expose your health to danger.

The special status of the medicine

Even if a medicine is a good that is sold on the market such as in  a pharmacy of medicine, it has a special status compared to other consumer products. In fact, it is subject to many rigorous controls by the health authorities. This ensures its quality for the benefit of all consumers. Its composition, manufacture and other important parameters must be checked. As a result, the marketing of a medicine must follow many procedures. It must have at least one marketing authorisation or MA before it can be marketed. For more information, you can click here

Buying medicines on the Internet

With advances in technology, it is now possible to buy medicines on the Internet. There are currently a large number of websites that offer this service. However, around 96% of these sites are illegal according to IRACM statistics. This means that you should be careful before choosing your online medical pharmacy. To do this, you should refer to certain important criteria for online pharmacies in France. Indeed, to have an electronic activity, the pharmacist must be the holder of a pharmacy. As a result, only a physical pharmacy can open a site to operate an online pharmacy.

Beware of falsified products

One of the biggest problems encountered when buying medicines on the Internet is finding counterfeit products. According to figures presented by the WHO, almost 50% of falsified medicines are currently circulating on the Internet. This can mean medicines with different compositions or medicines that do not even have a marketing authorisation or MA. It is therefore important to check your sources carefully before ordering from the pharmacy of medicine. However, it is difficult to distinguish between real and fake medicines, as they often come from legal producing countries. It is therefore advisable to always have specialized equipment to determine the quality of medicines. 
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