Double-ended ampoule: primary packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Double-ended ampoule

Ampoules are small vials that are normally sealed. They are used in pharmaceutical packaging and preserving samples in a solid or liquid state. Normally, they are made of glass and are mainly used to hold pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

What is the difference between a vial and an ampoule?

Many people still do not grasp the difference between a vial and an ampoule. These are categories of vessels used to store and preserve medicinal fluids, medicinal capsules, and cosmetic elements. They are also used to mix medication delivered to a patient.

The key difference between these two is that an ampoule is a single dose vial with a sealed neck, while a vial is a multi-dose container used to hold or preserve liquid drugs or serums.
In the cosmetic industry, ampoules are best preferred to vials.

It is also important to note that ampoules are not reusable once the glass neck is broken. In comparison, a vial can be reused after it has been cleaned.

Why double-ended ampoules?

They play a critical part because they prevent the sample from being contaminated by various agents. The ampoules are hermetically sealed. This works by melting the thin top using an open flame. Ampoules are opened by snapping off the neck.

The small space left above the chemical is filled with an inert gas during preservation. An ideal ampoule has glass walls, which are strong enough to withstand pressure and will not break when inserted in a glove box.

You will note that glass ampoules cost more than bottles and similar glass containers when purchasing. However, the cost is every bit worth it because there are situations where one will need to use them. For instance, you need ampoules if you want to preserve injectable pharmaceuticals or air-sensitive reagents.

The manufacturing of double-tip ampoules is usually non-toxic, making them completely ecological. That is because glass is a non-polluting material that can be recycled a dozen times over.

Furthermore, double-tip ampoules are perfectly hermetic. This means that they guarantee a competitive filling cost that is rather convenient compared to other ampoules. Thus, if you are looking for an economic strategy for your cosmetic or pharmaceutical organization, double-tip ampoules are the way to go.

That is not all; double-tip ampoules are also known to be precise. They are perfect for drinkable solutions. That means if you make solutions that are intended to be directly ingested, double-tip ampoules guarantee an accurate measure.

Other areas where double-ended ampoules are largely used include:
• Phytotherapy
• Oligotherapy
• Nutricosmetics
• Food supplements

Plastic ampoules are also largely used because they are cheaper than their glass counterparts. However, if you are looking for a green solution, glass ampoules are 100% ecological.


Glass ampoules are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in the packaging of injectable drugs. However, due to an impressive evolution in the cosmetic industry, they are slowly gaining traction. Double-ended ampoules offer a smart solution to the packaging and preservation of sensitive substances.

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