Can you buy paracetamol over the counter in France?


Pharmacies in French tend to maintain their business on medical products and not sell extra items like snacks or magazines. Many people have trouble locating familiar products in new areas which people tend to ignore this aspect, at the counter, you may find that the medicines aren’t classified as you’re used to in your country since there always different. In this article, I’ll talk more about the state of France pharmacy. Click here for further information.

1. Reduction of cost

Almost every pharmacy in France is owned by private organizations that are never involved in chains. The cost of the prescription is funded and regulated by the state reducing its price in all pharmacies. Before the customer is reimbursed, he should first pay his bills up-front which depends on your insurance cover and the product you are purchasing. One blogger from France stated that his pharmacist loves attending to his needs because she always pays for the services before any refunds. She states that the bill is fifty to ninety per cent less than its cost in other countries like the USA.

2. Friendly pharmacists

All employees working in pharmacies are fully experienced in pharmacology and thus are qualified to give advice on your general issue on health. “when taking your prescription, you can ask some questions you forgot to ask the doctor. Also, it is a friendly area that allows dogs in the chemist and in addition calling the dog by name since he knows it,” says Diane who just started leaving in France a few years ago. When you search for a pain killer in local stores in France, you will not have the luck to find it since there only available in the dispensary. In other countries, you are not surprised when you find a drug store having a canteen section where they sell toothpaste and snacks or even greeting cards, in France, they tend to stick on medical products. Speaking with Sarah an expert from st Bloggie de Viera in the south of France, she states that she has had experience with a pharmacist who gave generic medicine instead of offering one with a brand name. “In a situation where you are in a chemist and you ask for a Doliprane, they may as well offer you an equivalent generic of paracetamol,” she states.

3. 24-hour service

When leaving in the UK, you can decide to buy as much medicine as you want in the supermarket as when you are in France. in France you find that many pharmacists are keen on protecting their monopoly. Here, the time at which a drug store opens doesn’t restrict a patient from purchasing medical products. Do you know that almost every drugstore in France has a condom machine outside on the wall so that people can just buy them at any time of their wish? You also have a French online pharmacy running for 24 hours nonstop. This allows you to shop anytime you want for any product you need as long as it is right with the law.

Final thoughts

Buying painkillers in France is going to be more hard in the coming years after it was declared that they should be sold with a consent from the pharmacist. The drugs are issued to stay behind counters in chemists due to the high risk of overusing the drugs. This was released for the safety of the people passed by the agency responsible for safety of health products.

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