What causes cramps and how can they be effectively relieved?

Whether you are a top athlete or a housewife, cramps appear at unexpected times.  The onset of cramps is generally unknown. However, scientific studies have been able to determine some causes. How can cramps be prevented and how do they occur?

The cramp and its occurrence

Cramp is an unpleasant and intolerable contraction of a muscle. It causes an alternating dysfunction of an affected muscle group. Usually, the muscle contraction lasts only a few seconds, but sometimes it persists for several minutes. The source of cramps is difficult to explain, as it is a combination of several factors. The cramp strikes suddenly, and it can be very violent. At any time, cramping occurs and cannot be anticipated. Since it shows no signs before it occurs.

Factors of cramps

Several factors can cause cramps and these factors are often related to our lifestyle. First of all, a poor diet usually causes potassium and vitamin deficiency. Also, dehydration is the potential cause that creates cramps. The practice of sports on a daily basis prevents the decrease in vascularization. This leads to insufficient blood circulation. As a result, the muscles are paralyzed, hence the cramps. Secondly, for athletes, the lack of a warm-up is one of the factors that lead to cramps. Physical preparation must be established to prevent cramps. Excessive exercise causes muscles to contract in a general way. Finally, cramping is caused by diseases such as diabetes, polio or others. Excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco and even coffee also causes cramps to occur. Elderly people, pregnant women, as well as athletes are susceptible to muscle contraction.

How to effectively relieve cramps?

To relieve cramps, there are some natural remedies. Massages with vegetable oil are effective in preventing cramps. On the other hand, a healthy diet is fruitful to strengthen the muscles so that they do not contract easily. It helps blood circulation to remain fluid and avoid the risk of cramps. In short, stretching is the key and fastest way to relax muscles when cramps occur. Athletes are asked to stretch after any physical activity. A hot bath is also a good way to help muscles relax and prevent cramps, especially after excessive exercise.
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