All the benefits of light therapy

Light therapy is an ancestral technique using light rays for treatment. It consists of regular exposure to artificial white light imitating that of the sun. In this practice, the person exposes his or her face and other parts of the body to light in order to heal the disorders of the internal biological clock. However, light has other properties in the field of medicine such as convalescence and healing. But what are the different benefits of light therapy?

Fight against seasonal depression

SAD is a syndrome that occurs as winter approaches, when there is less daylight outside. This has a detrimental effect on people's internal biological clock. Light therapy is a recognized medical therapy to combat this type of depression. However, the benefits of light therapy also work against other symptoms associated with a disruption of the internal biological clock. In addition, it can be prescribed in certain cases of depression such as post-partum or depression in the elderly. Light therapy can therefore have preventive virtues against these difficulties.

Reduces depressive symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome

Studies have evaluated the effectiveness of light therapy against depressive indications related to premenstrual symptoms. In fact, this type of treatment helps to reduce women's binge eating episodes caused by the influence of the seasons. These attacks in women often increase during the winter. Thanks to the benefits of light therapy, the frequency of these problems decreases considerably compared to a placebo treatment. The projection of light on a particular area of the body can also treat many difficulties such as chronic colors, injuries, ulcers, acne, sports accidents, and even prevent wrinkles and cellular aging.

A light cure for the elderly

The benefits of light therapy can be applied in the treatment of attention deficit, dementia and hyperactivity in seniors. Indeed, scientists have studied the positive effects of light on several elderly people living in a retirement home. They exposed these people to intense light every day for two hours. This light therapy brought various benefits to the seniors such as an improvement in their sleep or a decrease in their anxiety. Light therapy offers many benefits, as it helps to fight against seasonal depression that sometimes occurs in winter. It also helps to reduce depressive symptoms in women, such as binge eating, and optimizes sleep in the elderly.
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