Fatigue in children, how to recognize it?

In general, change, stress due to school demands or the pace of schooling cause children to become temporarily tired. Pay attention to the different signs your children show. The signs can be visible in the child's face. Sometimes they are visible in the attitude they show. It is important to know how to detect these signs of fatigue in your child so that you can take the necessary measures.

How to recognize a tired child?

The first step is to identify the change in behavior. Fatigue can happen to a child as well as an adult. Any tired child can become cranky. He or she can easily get upset over so little. Some children may show their fatigue differently. Sometimes they ask for affection and hugs. In some cases, tired children suck their thumb or suck a pacifier. They may ask for their blanket. They may ask to be rocked back and forth or to stay in a quiet place with a blanket. Fatigue in children can manifest itself in a lack of energy. Falls, lack of coordination and clumsiness appear in these moments of weakness. These details can be felt more and more in their gestures. You can also observe their facial expressions. Sometimes they yawn or rub their eyes or ears. Dark circles or staring into space also show fatigue.

Identify the origin of fatigue to remedy it

A child becomes physically exhausted when sleep and energy expenditure during the day are not compatible. It is necessary to increase the time of rest (sleep). Nervous exhaustion is caused by intellectual overwork, nervousness and stress. To remedy this, it is necessary to prioritize moments of relaxation. Sleep and nutrition must be encouraged. There is also somatic fatigue. It occurs when a child is facing an illness. In this case, it must go through the pathology and nutritional and immune support.

What are the best ways to reduce children's fatigue?

To avoid fatigue in children, you should avoid as much as possible the tensions that can happen at home. You must keep children away from all violent images. They should be surrounded by a gentle environment. To protect children from viruses and other illnesses, it is important to give them vitamins and minerals, as well as seasonal fruits to protect them from colds. Before putting your children to bed, you need to get them used to some rituals. This method will help your children fall asleep every night after the rituals.
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