Cosmetic products: why choose organic?

Conventional cosmetics contain synthetic and chemical substances that permeate the skin tissue. Despite the fact that these synthetic elements are used in limited quantities in these products, cocktail effects and accumulation are often overlooked. Over time, they can cause skin reactions and disrupt the body's functioning. There are many reasons why to choose organic beauty products.

Healthier products

The first reason to choose organic cosmetics is to have the opportunity to use natural and healthy products. These products, available in European pharmacies, are free of dubious chemicals. It should be noted that the lists of ingredients not to be included in these formulas are imposed by labels and certifications regulated by strict specifications. These include, for example, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, irritants and other endocrine disruptors. The presence of permitted synthetic ingredients is rare. Apart from that, the ingredients used in the organic formulation are always guaranteed to be free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. You will find a wide range of products at Euro Pharmas online pharmacy.

A product that respects health and the environment

The processes used to manufacture the organic cosmetic products sold in European pharmacies are non-polluting, unlike those derived from petrochemicals. In other words, they respect biodiversity, natural balances and human health. Manufacturers thus maintain a social, ethical and environmental commitment. By way of information, the design of conventional products uses substances from heavy chemistry such as polyethylene glycols or PEG. PEG is used, for example, as a thickener, solvent, softener or humectant. It can accumulate in the environment, with irreversible consequences for fauna and flora.

A more effective cosmetics

Unlike their conventional counterparts, the active ingredients in organic skincare products in European pharmacies are highly concentrated. Indeed, they contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin. Depending on the product, users may find high proportions of plant extracts, vegetable oils or floral waters. In addition, the properties of these products are well tolerated by the skin. These components are perfectly suited to the needs of the skin. They also have a strong similarity with its physiology. They can therefore support the vital functions of the skin.
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