Digital detox: take advantage of the vacations to disconnect

Most people sleep and wake up with their smartphone. Others can no longer live without the internet and without a screen. The connection has become like a drug for the body of the user as the user seeks to administer his dose every day. Like all drugs, using a cell phone all the time has a side effect on the brain and on health. To take a step back from this situation of craving for the internet, there is the digital detox. It is an effective aid to encourage digital addicts to free themselves from the world of the internet. Here are some ideas to enjoy a nice holiday by disconnecting from social networks. There are several ways to do the digital detox but it depends on each individual and his motivation.

What is a digital detox?

The digital detox is a digital break from all social networks and whose main goal is to stay away from everything digital. It involves turning off all digital devices during the holiday stays and removing all notifications coming from the phone, tablets and laptop. In case of an emergency, use old cell phones without apps to receive and make calls only. It is important to avoid all contacts that require an internet connection like emails, Facebook, Instagram. It is mostly seen as a chance to relieve pressure or focus on socializing in the physical world.

How to organize a vacation without Internet?

A trip without internet is easy to organize but requires some self-control from each participant. On the one hand, spending time with family or lovers, playing board games for example, helps to spend a vacation away from technology. On the other hand, reading books or magazines is also a better way to pass the time during the digital detox. Finally, going for a bike ride or a hike could be beneficial for your health and to enjoy a day without internet.

What should I do to undergo a digital detox?

Going a day without a connection is difficult for every person, so it takes courage to do it. If it is too much effort, there are travel agencies to make it easier for you. They confiscate all materials that have access to the internet during the stay and keep them in a well secured place. To enjoy a vacation without internet, it is better to choose a place with a poor network or stay away from digital devices. So, what are you waiting for? Not only will you have plenty of time for yourself but also for your loved ones. Phones and everything that can be in contact with the internet, nowadays, separate many people: families, couples, etc.
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