The nap: simple pleasure or necessity?

The word siesta comes from the Latin word "sixta" which means the sixth hour of the day. The siesta designates a moment of sleep that is taken in the middle of the day. Man has developed a habit of falling asleep around 2 or 3 pm. Those who have developed this habit can no longer do without it. It is then necessary to take a nap when the need to sleep is felt; but it does not compensate for the lack of sleep.

Is the nap a necessity or a pleasure?

Napping is a necessity when it comes to health. The time of rest allows an improvement of the vigilance of a person (attention, energy, performance, concentration, mood). It protects against stress and regulates cardiovascular protection and it also lowers high blood pressure. Like sleep, napping also improves memory. All these are only a small part of the benefits of the nap. It is both a necessity and a pleasure for those who want to relax. In case of sleep deprivation or during work periods, a 5-minute flash nap would be ideal. For those who want to recover their alertness, a 20-minute nap should suffice (without disturbing nightly sleep time). If you need to recover from a sleepless night, you can take a 1-to-1.5-hour nap on the weekend. Be careful to calculate your resting time. You should always get up at the same time.

What are good places for a nap?

To enjoy the benefits of a short nap, you need to choose a comfortable and quiet place. You can choose between a couch or a lounge chair in a garden. Choose places that are in the shade. If you are at work, look for a quiet office to spend a flash nap. If you want to take a power nap in a bedroom, consider plugging your ears. If you take a power nap, try to wake up as naturally as possible so you don't feel woozy.

What is the right position to take during a nap?

Lying down is the ideal position to take a nap if you have the possibility. Otherwise, you can also sit. Uncross your legs and find good positions that will keep your back straight. Lean your head back or lean forward. When you find a good position, close your eyes and relax your muscles. When you wake up, take a few steps and stretch. You'll get all the benefits of a nap.
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