Winter Blues: our tips for overcoming SAD

The winter blues affect almost everyone in Canada. It is a seasonal depression that causes negative impacts on an individual's mood, and even on their body. It is caused by a lack of sunlight for a long period of time and exposure to light. The symptoms of a winter blues are numerous and similar to those of depression. For this reason, some doctors take time to establish its diagnosis. In fact, there are ways to prevent and fight against this seasonal depression.

Healthy eating

To prevent the winter blues, it is advisable to maintain a balanced diet. This will help you stay in shape and fight against other illnesses. People who eat a variety of foods often have a better chance of not being affected by this seasonal depression. To stay even healthier, put five vegetables on your plate every day. Don't forget to eat fruit regularly, as it provides your body with considerable energy. To support your immune system and boost your morale, opt for foods rich in vitamins and calcium such as fish, cheese, eggs and chocolate.

Playing sports

Exercising is also one of the most effective ways to prevent the winter blues. When you are physically active, your body is protected from any symptoms of depression. In fact, thirty minutes a day of exercise is enough to keep you away from a seasonal depression. Certainly, sport has the power to improve mood while immunizing the human body. To better benefit from the advantages of sport to fight against winter blues, it is recommended to practice it in the open air, in green spaces, in nature even if it is possible. Do a little meditation to calm your mind in order to have more self-control.

Sun exposure or light therapy

The sun has a special element that the body needs. This natural light contributes greatly to preventing the winter blues. This is why it is strongly recommended to expose yourself to the sun in the morning. It brings a good radiation in the life of a person as it keeps away the negative waves around. If you are already affected by SAD and you cannot expose yourself to the sun, go for a light therapy session. This is a very modern practice that allows you to benefit from artificial light. It is very effective and scientifically proven to fight against the winter blues. However, it is important to follow the doctor's prescription, as some people are not suitable for this treatment for exceptional reasons.
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